My Great Vet, Your Great Vet, Our Great Vet."

Somebody probably suggested this website to you. Many people also come to Aachen to the practice of Vet Doctor Thissen upon recommendation. A lot of them experienced other practices before, came to us and, most of them come back. Something we are very pleased about as it shows the acceptance of our comprehension and our concept of a modern veterinary practice.


A pet owner recently hit the nail on the head: „A practice of exceptional high level related to its technical equipment combined with professional state-of-the art knowledge. But most of all, a vet who understands me and is on a first-name basis with my pet. Thank you, we are happy to accept this statement: „My great vet".


Speaking of recommendation: On this website you will discover a handful of videos: About and with animals and their owners, talking about the experiences made with Doctor Thissen. Just have a look at them.